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WACON 2023

WACON 2023
Global CTF Championship

9.2. Sat 9AM ~ 9.3. Sun 9AM (KST)
9.25. Mon 4PM ~ 9.26. Tue 4PM (KST)
The Ambassador Seoul
Change Language: 한국어 English
External links: Discord
Host: Association of Korean Journalists, National Assembly ICT Convergence Forum Organizer: SUPER GUESSER, KSME
Sponsor: Ministry of Education (Republic of Korea), Ministry of Science and ICT (Republic of Korea), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Republic of Korea) Sponsor: Ministry of National Defense (Republic of Korea), Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Republic of Korea), Personal Information Protection Commission (Republic of Korea)
Sponsor: LG CNS, NAVER, AhnLab Sponsor: kakaohealthcare, I.T.EASY, Eyeon Security

WACON 2023

‘WACON 2023’ is a international hacking competition in which the global's best hackers participate. It is conducted to publicize the importance of cyber security to general users and find ways to effectively respond to increasingly sophisticated online hacking and spread it to businesses and governments. In the future, we plan to develop into a global hacker service platform that discovers competent hacking talents from around the world and connects them with companies and organizations that want to strengthen cyber security capability.


Global CTF Championship Contest
Presentation and Dis­cussion on Inno­va­tive Cyber Security Tech­nology and Best Practices
Exhibition Event
Corporate PR center and Job Interview Booth
Outstanding Cyber Security Practice Award
Closing Receptions
Social meeting after CTF

Global CTF Championship
to Improve Security

The global hacking competition ‘WACON’ is an international event where the best hackers from each country compete and collaborate by utilizing new trend technologies to respond to intelligent cyber infiltration. It is the largest network forum in Korea where experts seek ways to contribute to the formation of a safe society through cyber security.




If the score is the same, the principle is to solve it first.

  • General Division: The top 6 teams from both domestic and international qualifiers will advance to the finals.


The Ambassador Seoul

The participating teams are provided with vulnerable websites, programs, and cryptographic logic. Each problem is designed to resemble real-world industrial services, creating a scenario that aligns with industrial security practices.

Award Ceremony

The Ambassador Seoul

Integrated awards ceremony with CTF winners and outstanding companies.


Eligibility to apply

    Qualification Round

    There is no team size limit for the qualification round. But this is applied for international team only.

    Final Round

    We limits 4 people for the final round. This rule is applied for all teams including international teams.

How to apply

International general team

You can register with below CTF page.

Register CTF



1st place team
30,000,000 KRW
Qualification to the XCTF final round
2nd place team
10,000,000 KRW
3rd place team
5,000,000 KRW

Operation instructions

Eligibility for Participation

General Team
  • Domestic Team: Individuals who were born before December 2004 and have acquired Korean nationality.
  • International Team: Individuals who were born before December 2004 and have acquired the nationality of a country other than South Korea. If it is required by the youth laws of each country, a parental consent form is required.
  • Domestic participants can also choose to participate in the international team. (if there is at least one foreign member included)

Types of Questions

The 1st and 2nd evaluations will be conducted in the format of Jeopardy.
There will be questions in five different categories: Web, Pwn, Reversing, Misc, and Crypto.


The preliminary round will be conducted online, while the final round will be held offline.
Advancement to the Final Round:
  • General Teams: The top 6 teams from both domestic and international categories will advance.
  • Youth Teams: The top 10 teams will advance.
  • Teams that rank in the top 6 in the domestic/international categories and the top 10 in the youth category during the preliminary round must submit their problem-solving reports within one week, following the guidelines provided by the organizing team.
  • The domestic and international teams will have separate preliminary round, and they will be combined in the final.
  • Any actions not authorized by the WACON organizing team, except those authenticated through server certification provided by the WACON team, will be considered as cheating.
  • Except for actions acknowledged by the organizing team, sharing information or collaborating with individuals outside of the team will be considered as cheating.
  • If any misconduct is determined, the participant will be disqualified and lose eligibility to participate in the competition for a period of 5 years.


xCTF Logo
The 1st place team in the General Category will be granted a qualification for the XCTF Finals in China.

International Team Accommodation

For the WACON competition, the international teams will be provided accommodation at the Ambassador Seoul Poolman Hotel from September 25th to 27th, 2023, for a duration of 2 nights and 3 days.

Cybersecurity Innoative Technology and
Superior Technology

The presentation of cutting-edge and outstanding cyber security technologies aims to protect personal information, trade secrets, assets, and other valuable assets by addressing the evolving hacking techniques in the era of Web 3.0. It also provides proactive alternatives for cyber attacks, contributing to the safety of the public and the revitalization of the security industry.

Application Information

  • Target Cybersecurity Workers and the General Public
  • Location The Ambassador Seoul
  • Date 9. 25. Mon 1PM
  • Deadline ~ 9. 22. Fri
  • Participation fee Free
  • How to apply Submission of application
  • Manager Manager Kook Yoon-Chul
  • Inquiries [email protected]
Download application


  • Introduce: Prepare for the Future with New Cyber­security Tech­nologies

  • Opening speech

    Professor Cha Sang-kil of KAIST

  • Core infrastructure cyber­security ready for the future with security operations integration

    SPLUNK, Security Advisory, AVP – Robert Pizzari

  • Q&A

  • Cyber Security Vulnerability Testing Technology Trends and Case Studies

    LG CNS, Red Team Leader – Hyuck Jun, Suh

  • Q&A

  • Attack case using a 0-day vulnerability by the Lazarus group

    AhnLab, Analytics team, Assistant Researcher – Jun Seok, Kim

  • Q&A


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